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Stay Fit With These Apartment Workout Tips In Noblesville

December 18, 2020

Apartment workout tips

Maybe one the most enticing apartment amenities is the fitness center. In this space you can find treadmills and stationary bikes, weightlifting equipment, and additional fitness gear to keep you in shape. Regardless of whether you want a vigorous training session or a short walk, it's convenient to pop over to the gym and complete your regimen. It’s even more convenient if your own apartment property has an exercise area that’s accessible from morning to night.

But sometimes your busy life won’t permit a session at the fitness center. Fortunately, when you can’t get away, you can do your daily workout right at home. Do your best with these tips for small space exercises and impromptu weights during your apartment workouts in Noblesville.

Man doing cardio in an apartment living room.

Boost Your Heart Rate With Small Space Cardio Routines

One of the challenges of exercising in an apartment is a lack of space. If you have an open room in your 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment, you might have the ability to install a your own mini gym, but not all Noblesville apartments have room for things like treadmills or ellipticals. Thankfully, many cardio exercises don’t need space or big workout machines to get your heart racing.

To start your apartment workout, move to an open area in your apartment layout where there is no chance of knocking something over. You only need room to move freely or lay on your back without bumping something. Move furniture over a little bit if you must.

When you’re situated, get going with some common cardio drills, such as:

  • Jumping jacks

  • Lunges

  • Lateral shuffles

  • Skaters

  • Standing toe touches

  • Jogging in place

Practice these exercises for the recommended 30 minutes a day, and you will feel as good as you do on a treadmill. If you want more guidance, work out with an online video or look into buying an exercise-focused video game.

 Man doing crunches on the arm of a sofa.

Strengthen Muscle With Quiet Bodyweight Resistance Exercises

Generating too much noise can be an issue with apartment workouts in Noblesville when you share walls with other Residents. If you have neighbors below you, they likely won’t enjoy listening to your early morning burpees.

Try bodyweight resistance exercises instead. These easy movements strengthen muscles and joints which leads to greater stability and mobility. When comparing to your cardio regimen, many bodyweight resistance exercises don’t have you jumping up and down on the floor. Clear some space in your apartment and try quieter exercises, including:

  • Push-ups

  • Squats

  • Sit-ups

  • Wall Sits

  • Single-leg balances

  • Single-leg bridges

  • Straight-leg calf raises

  • Bear crawls

Get Flexible With Yoga And Exercise From Home

Many exercises like yoga and pilates are smart options to work out in your apartment because you only have to find an area for a mat. This gives you a lot of flexibility for the location of your work out to enhance your overall health. Try these routines with fresh air on your balcony, in your living room, or next to your bed. You might be surprised that many yoga movements can be done right from your bed!

You also have the chance to get innovative with training gear too. If you lack space to store things like blocks and wedges, try scarves for bands, filled water bottles for dumbbells, and large books like dictionaries for yoga blocks.

Man using chairs as part of his workout.

Diversify Your Noblesville Apartment Workouts With Homemade Equipment

Conditioning your body loses its appeal and effectiveness when you never alter your routine. Add variety to your limited-area regiment by mixing in some weight lifting. You don’t need a bunch of expensive dumbbells or bulky equipment. Simply use things in your apartment, like:

  • Heavy books

  • Water jugs

  • Packaged dog food

  • 12-packs of a canned beverage

  • Bags of flour

  • A backpack filled with books or cans

  • A one-gallon milk container

If you’re really missing gym equipment, turn to your home furnishings. Sofas and dining chairs will supply a foundation when lifting weights or balancing. Utilizing improvised equipment for your Noblesville apartment workouts might feel a little awkward , but don’t let that keep you from achieving your training objectives. With a touch of ingenuity, you will construct an effective workout routine to do at your apartment anytime the fitness center is closed.

workout room with treadmills, weights, and other exercise machines.

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