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Easy Small Apartment Laundry Solutions In Noblesville

March 23, 2023

You’re ecstatic your new apartment has its own laundry area. No more having to wait on other residents to be done with the machines in the community laundry room or lugging sacks of clothing over to a commercial laundry facility. But you’ve observed one small issue. Your small laundry room doesn’t have much storage for other supplies. Would you like to know how to best use your limited space? Review these easy small apartment laundry solutions in Noblesville.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Small Apartment Laundry Closet in Noblesville

Organization solution for laundry room.

When determining your list of must-have amenities, a laundry area was placed at the top. But now that you have one, you’re concerned about where to keep everything. Despite the fact the space may be tight, you are able to make it work with the following suggestions:

  • Vertical shelving: In close spaces, you might want to consider a vertical solution. A sturdy upright shelving unit is usually a smart choice for a laundry closet or limited laundry room. Despite being only six or so inches wide, you’ll have plenty of storage for your detergents and sprays. You may even get a little spare shelving space for other household cleaners.
  • Movable storage: You know that limited amount of room you have near your washer or dryer (or perhaps in the middle of them)? There are actually mobile laundry storage carts intended particularly for those spaces. Made around five wide, these helpful small apartment laundry closet solutions in Noblesville can squeeze in just about any location. And they’re ideal for holding your stain removing sprays, detergent, dryer sheets, and more.
  • Door-hung ironing board and iron holder: You know the ironing board that’s sitting next to the wall of your bedroom? There’s a more suitable place for it. A door-mounted holder is the perfect, space-conserving remedy. It’s affordable, simple to install, and most are available with a handy compartment for your iron and starch spray. Grabbing your ironing board and prepping for an exciting night out in your new community is simpler than ever.
  • Curtains: Does your little laundry nook lack a door? Some budget-friendly curtains will do the trick to close off the room when it’s not being used. Thanks to a virtually limitless number of colors and designs, you can locate curtains that match your decor. Employ a spring-loaded shower curtain rod to support them. And whenever you’re doing laundry and require a place to hang clothes, you can probably imagine what you can use?
  • Baskets: Metal shelving is a customary element of laundry nooks. While handy, it also has a propensity to make items spill when they’re not positioned exactly right. Instead of having a disorganized heap of tipped-over containers of stain remover and detergent, try baskets. They’ll assist you in keeping things organized, and they look nice!

Find A Rental With A Laundry Room In Noblesville

Laundry room with washer, dryer, and storage baskets on wire shelf.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to optimize your laundry room, it’s time to find an apartment that includes one! East Bank Apartments boasts roomy apartments with the integrated laundry connections you want. You’ll also find a variety of other excellent amenities in this sought-after community. Contact 463-238-3799 to chat with a courteous team member or just schedule a tour to get started.